'What's in your camera bag?'

For all the camera enthusiasts out there, a glimpse into the gear I use.

It's a question I'm often asked. And interestingly, it's sometimes because people simply want to tell me they have a 'better' or 'more expensive' camera than the one 'the pro' is using, but most often it's because they have a genuine interest in photography and want to know my camera and lens combinations.

On a side note, in terms of camera advice, I always advise people to buy the camera that best suits their working style and one that feels intuitive to use, but with the large caveat that they they leave room in their budget for the best lenses they can afford. The reason being that it's rare that the lens that comes with the camera body you buy is ever that good.

So, in terms of what's in my bag. Well, over the past 20 years I’ve tended to rotate around Nikon, Canon and Fuji, and while all have been great, for work I now find the Fuji mirrorless range amazing and when combined with my favourite ever lens – the Fuji 56mm f1.2 prime – it's sublime for portraits when I want a very small depth of field, basically when a small part of the face is in focus and everything else is soft. It's a great look

The Fujis are also extremely light to carry around, something that I definitely appreciate when shooting weddings when I'll be carrying them for the whole day. They have amazing an optical quality as well as an astounding chip.

The models I currently use are the Fuji XH-2, XH-1 and X-pro 2 camera bodies; the X-Pro 2 particularly superb for unobtrusive street photography because it's so compact.  

In terms of other gear, I'll always have a range of lenses in my bag for every occasion: a 16mm f1.4 for wide-angles, 56mm f1.2 for portraits, 16-55 mm f2.8, for everyday shooting and a versatile 55-200mm zoom.

I also carry a whole arsenal of stuff in the bag to cover every potential eventuality: battery packs; memory cards; flash guns; filters; gaffer tape; tape measure; markers; waterproof covers; waterproof poncho, as well as a few protein bars to keep me going on wedding or landscape shoots when I'm never quite sure when I'll eat again.

Do I ever see myself changing gear in the future? Not really. I would love to have the Fuji GFX system, which is a step up in quality and price, but with the current quality of the Fuji X series cameras being so good I see no real reason to.